Category: Testimonials

Steven from GYG

Hi, guys! My name is Steven Marks, and I’m the founder of Guzman Y Gomez, based in Sydney. We’re an Australian company with 117 restaurants here in Australia, Japan and Singapore. This year we will build another 30 restaurants. We’re here to reinvent fast food and showcase the best Mexican food you’ve ever had. If […]

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Humberto from GYG

My name is Humberto Maradiegue. I am the Head of Development for Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria Queensland. How did you meet DCB Developments? I met Christian Bright from DCB Developments around 8 years ago and we’ve been working together ever since. What has surprised you or made you the happiest about working with DCB? […]

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Michael from Mirvac

My name is Michael Croker; I am a Tenancy Coordination Manager for Mirvac; we’ve got three shopping centres in Queensland. What’s it like to work with DCB Developments? Working with DCB Developments is a great experience. It’s always challenges that we throw at them, but nothing is too big or too small to actually resolve […]

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Sam from Cheeky Pokē

My name is Sam Demetriou, I am the owner of Cheeky Bar in Newstead. How did you meet DCB Developments? I met DCB through a cousin; word of mouth. He just mentioned their name and I was looking to start my new business. And from the moment I walked into the meeting with them, I […]

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Shane from SSP

My name is Shane Beyer, I’m the Managing Director for SSP Catering. What 3 words best describe DCB Developments? I’d say the three words that most describe Christian, Dan, Phil and the team would be process oriented professionals. What is it like to work with DCB Developments? To work with DCB Developments, particularly over the [...]
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Tom from GYG Gold Coast

I’m Tom Graham. I’m a franchisee of Guzman and Gomez with 7 restaurants on the Gold Coast and I’ve been working with the business since 2011. What was it like to work with DCB Developments? To sum it up, I would say very easy. I’m not a builder, and I never had experience in the [...]
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